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New country, new adventure

Moving to and working in a new country is a major decision, and we completely understand that. It involves many considerations, and you’re likely wondering about several aspects. What does the process entail after applying? What is it like to work and live as a nurse in The Netherlands? Where will I be working? Where will I be living? Who are the current employees at Blink, and what are their experiences? All of these (and more) questions are addressed on this page!

1. More info about the academy

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory for nurses to speak Dutch. Therefore, before relocating to the Netherlands, you will follow a language training. We currently have partnerships with two academies. The first one is Academia Neerlandesa, located in Javea, Spain (between Valencia and Alicante). The second one is Defacto, located in Crete, Greece.

At both academies, you will participate in a 3-month internal training program, during which you will reside on campus. The only difference between these programs is that the program in Spain is open to everyone, while in Greece it is exclusively for Greek speakers. If you secure employment through Blink in the Netherlands, we will arrange this training for you.

Impression Javéa, Spain

Impression Crete, Greece

2. The nursing team

At Blink, we can assure you that you’ll be joining a supportive team. Both our professionals and the nurses already working with us will welcome you with open arms. It’s heartening to witness how quickly the group of nurses bonds, but it’s also understandable.

You’re leaving your life behind in another country and starting anew. Experiencing similar challenges, you can find and assist each other. We ensure that, in addition to work, we regularly engage in enjoyable activities together. Above all, we prioritize ensuring that you have a great time!

3. Your workplace

The workplace we’re presenting here is where you’ll begin your journey—not necessarily where you’ll remain indefinitely. Moving from another country to the Netherlands is already a significant transition, which is why we prioritize allowing you to adapt to the country, its culture, and further hone your language skills through your initial job experience here.

As such, you’ll commence your employment with ‘t Heem Zorgstichting, which operates several facilities across North Brabant. ‘t Heem specializes in providing care, accommodation, and activities for seniors. After this, you will work together with your career coach to determine what your career path will look like. There are numerous opportunities available within Blink.

4. Housing

Of course, to work in the Netherlands, you’ll need a place to live. We’ll assist you throughout this entire process and offer various housing options. Our accommodations include shared spaces but always guarantee a private room, ensuring your privacy.

Visual material will be provided shortly.

5. Career opportunities

Your growth is our opportunity

As previously mentioned on this page, while you’ll initially begin working at a specific location, this arrangement is by no means permanent. We have Beppie on our team, who will serve as your personal career coach. Together with her, you’ll chart your career trajectory. We’ll assess your progress, explore your dreams and ambitions, and determine the best course of action. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss anything, Beppie will be available. Your growth and happiness are important to us, and therefore, we provide comprehensive and personalized guidance.
Beppie van Kessel

6. Your entire journey

Your career as a nurse in The Netherlands starts here!


Explore our job page here and apply!


Online job interview with a recruiter to get to know you better


Learning Dutch for 3 months, internal within an academy


Online or physical meeting with the client, your new workplace


Sign your employment agreement


A warm welcome in The Netherlands, your new home!


Moving in your new house and meeting your house mates


Arranging practical matters for your stay in the Netherlands, you will be guided through the process from A to Z


Introduction day at your new job


Finalizing your last exams, and together with you, we will ensure your BIG registration.


Sessions with your personal career coach to map out your career path


Enjoying life and your job, together with the Blink family

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of contract will I get?

When you move for a job, you want a job that holds a future. That’s why we don’t offer you a short-term temporary assignment. Our vacancies all offer a start with a one-year contract. After your first year, it’s our intention to get you a permanent contract. We are definitely in this for the long term!

The answer is very simple: yes! Moving to the Netherlands is a big and exciting step, but we can promise you that you don’t have to worry about job security. You don’t have to look for jobs yourself, because we offer you jobs. We give you the chance to try out different jobs, until you land in a place that suits you 100%. You will be guided by our career coach, who will help you map out a great career path.

For further information regarding our vacancies, please visit the job page

Certainly! You can schedule a conversation with one of our recruiters. Alternatively, you can join our free webinar. We host a webinar on ‘What is it like to live and work in The Netherlands as a nurse?’ every month. Here, you can ask all your questions personally. Click here for more information.

Prefer one-on-one contact? Click here

As long as you hold European nationality and possess a nursing degree, you can apply. We have several recruitment points across Europe, although the majority of interviews are conducted online.
Yes you can! The only requirements are that you have a nursing degree in an European country, have an European nationality, have basic English knowledge and are willing to learn Dutch, if you don’t speak the language yet. You are more then welcome to apply if you already live (and work) in The Netherlands

7. Join our monthly free webinar​

Join our monthly free webinar

You’re interested in living and working in the Netherlands as a nurse! And you’re not alone. Over the past year, we’ve spoken with many nurses (or soon-to-be graduates). We’ve received enthusiastic responses, but also many questions. Understandably so! Moving to another country is a big step.

Therefore, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be addressing all your questions in our webinar:
What is it like to live and work in the Netherlands as a nurse?