Discover our language training program!

If you want to work as a nurse in the Netherlands, you are required to speak Dutch with your patients. Moreover, you want to give them the best care and this is only possible by understanding and being able to answer their needs and questions. To fully prepare you for a life in the Netherlands, […]

Moving abroad for work? 5 reasons why the Netherlands is an excellent choice!


Disclaimer: after reading this post, you’ll want to move to The Netherlands  When you think of the Netherlands, you may immediately think of windmills, tulips or clogs. As a tourist you can undoubtedly have a great time here, but the Netherlands is also an excellent destination for living and working. Today we would like to […]

Is working in healthcare a job or a career?


A job and a career: these words are used interchangeably within the recruitment industry. However, they are NOT synonyms of each other. A job is what you do from Monday to Friday. A career is much more than that. It’s a professional path with a social impact. Because to get a job at Blink you […]

Staff shortage puts pressure on Dutch healthcare


Spanish healthcare professionals can save the quality and accessibility of care. There’s no debate about it: the Dutch healthcare sector is in crisis. This year alone, the industry is facing a shortage of 49.000 healthcare workers. This scarcity only threatens to get worse in the future. ABF Research predicts that – due to a rapidly […]

Behind the scenes at the Expomedics Medical Job fair

expomedics blink team

Networking, talking and informing: that’s pretty much the short summary of our visits to the Expomedics Medical Job fairs in Madrid and Barcelona. Could you not attend? Then we would like to share some highlights below! We start at the beginning: what exactly is the Expomedics Medical Job Fair? Expomedics supports healthcare professionals across Europe […]