Moving abroad for work? 5 reasons why the Netherlands is an excellent choice!

Disclaimer: after reading this post, you’ll want to move to The Netherlands 😉

When you think of the Netherlands, you may immediately think of windmills, tulips or clogs. As a tourist you can undoubtedly have a great time here, but the Netherlands is also an excellent destination for living and working. Today we would like to share 5 advantages – not based on our personal opinion, but on facts and figures.

1. The Netherlands is among the top 5 happiest countries in the world =)

The World Happiness Report conducted research on the happiest countries in the world and gave the Netherlands the 5th place. In their ranking they take into account all kinds of indicators, including: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, life expectancy including physical and mental health, generosity, social support, personal freedom and perceptions of corruption within the government. Our fifth place here is no fluke, as we have held this position for several years.

2. We score better on our work-life balance than most other European countries.

The Netherlands also gets an excellent score on the OECD work-life balance index. On average, the Dutch spend more time per day on personal matters (such as eating and sleeping) and on leisure (hanging out with friends, hobbies, relaxing, etc.). In addition, the results of the index also show that less overtime is worked in the Netherlands.

3. The Netherlands has the 9th highest wages within Europe.

Financially it’s also very interesting here. If you compare the wages of various European countries, the Netherlands ranks 9th. The home countries of our employees often do not score as well. For example, Spain ranks 13th, Portugal 18th and Greece 19th. We also guarantee a nice salary at Blink. Your starting salary is between € 2,200.70 and € 2,937.68 per month (based on a 36-hour workweek). Your Next step Salary (BIG) can then grow to € 2,863.68-€ 3,471.49 per month.

4. Our country ranks 2nd when looking at the best healthcare in Europe.

To say that the Netherlands has good healthcare is not an understatement. Even studies from the United States show that our healthcare system is outstanding. In Europe, only Norway scores better, but if you move there you have to endure barren winters.😉

5. We have the 3rd highest minimum wages within the EU.

We told you earlier that at Blink we provide good and correct wages, but also in general you are in a good financial position in the Netherlands. In fact, compared to other European countries, we have high minimum wages.

Have these five reasons convinced you to pack your bags?

Then we’d like to invite you to explore our job page – and who knows, maybe you’ll soon be boarding a plane to the Netherlands!


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