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If you want to work as a nurse in the Netherlands, you are required to speak Dutch with your patients. Moreover, you want to give them the best care and this is only possible by understanding and being able to answer their needs and questions. To fully prepare you for a life in the Netherlands, we organize intensive language training courses. Below we answer all your possible questions about this language bath!

When does the training take place?

The training is part of the preparation for your new career, so you follow the program before you move to the Netherlands.

How quickly will I learn Dutch?

We deliberately choose an intensive program, so you will master the basics in one go. The program lasts three months, during which you will be taught up to 6 days a week – from Monday to Saturday.

Where is the school?

If you speak English, you will be trained in The Academia Neerlandesa. The Academia is located in Jávea, between the cities of Valencia and Alicante.

For Greeks, we offer training at Defacto, a training center localized in Greece (on the island of Crete).

At both institutes, you will stay on campus. So we provide not only the lessons, but also your stay.

Why does Blink cooperate with these schools?

We very consciously choose quality training programs. The schools specialize in  language training for (medical) professionals.

The Academia Neerlandesa has already successfully taught Dutch to more than 450 students from more than 14 countries. Defacto also has a strong track record and is also specialized in developing quality learning materials.

Moreover, we also support their teaching methods. During face-to-face lessons, they immerse you in the Dutch language, focusing on the aspects you will need when practicing your job. You also learn a lot about the (work) culture.

How good will my Dutch be once the training is completed?

The lessons will give you the confidence to speak, write and understand Dutch. So once you arrive in the Netherlands you will have no trouble mastering the language during conversations. In the Netherlands, you will further develop your language skills.

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